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The Top 6 Things That Helped Me Recover from Lyme Disease (and Flouroquinolone Toxicity)

I recently gave a talk to my local Lyme support group entitled The Top 6 Things That Helped Me Heal.  I am by no means totally well.  In fact, I often feel just as junky as I did a year or two years ago (more on this soon), but my good days are getting better and my test results are slowly improving.  I've copied and pasted my notes from my talk into this blog post in the hopes that it might provide you with some useful tools or information on your healing journey.

** Side note:  I have recently uncovered the possibility that the symptoms I am left with are not from the Lyme and co., but rather from adverse side effects from taking fluoroquinolone drugs early in my treatment.  In fact, I was functioning fairly well until I took those drugs and I have never felt well since then.  The more I learn about fluoroquinolone toxicity the more I realize that most of the symptoms I'm left with are connected to that, but also that my protocol was already addressing it because I am using zyto and muscle testing to find out exactly what is happening in my body and what my body needs.  I have joined a support group for people with side effects from these drugs and I've discovered that these steps I took for Lyme are very similar to the steps that need to be taken to recover from the drug toxicity.  The only real difference is that there aren't tick born infections to deal with, but other then that the approach to diet, detox, food, clean living, and generally healing the entire person are beneficial in both situations.  

The Top 6 Things That Helped Me Heal From Lyme Disease (and are helping with fluoroquinolone toxicity as well)

1.    Find practitioners that do “alternative” types of testing and treatment

·      Energetic testing such as muscle testing, biofeedback, or zyto can provide you with information about imbalances, infections, sensitivities, allergies, and help determine which treatment options to pursue.

·       Here are some informational links on muscle testing or ART (autonomic response testing)

You might be able to find an LLMD, holistic doctor, functional medicine Dr., acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, or chiropractor who knows how to do this type of testing.  After you work for a long while with a trained professional you might consider learning how to test yourself and your loves ones.

Here is some info on Zyto testing which has many variants and similar other kinds of testing.  It requires working with a doctor who has the technology and knows what to do with the information gathered with this really powerful type of tool.

·             ZYTO info.

2.    Live in a clean/healthy environment

·      Move out of moldy homes, get rid of mold contaminated items, eliminate all sources of mold in home, work, car, etc.
·      Switch to all natural products for cleaning, bathing, beauty, etc. - no fragrances
     (I even avoid going into places that are highly fragranced, walk around the cleaning isle in the grocery store and the cosmetic counters in department stores, avoid nail salons and beauty stores, etc.)
·      Reduce EMF exposure as much as possible
·      Clear out clutter and have an organized, tidy, pleasing home
·      Reduce stress as much possible, surround yourself with positive people
·      Clear up unresolved emotional issues

3.    Find out about your food allergies and sensitivities

·      You can quickly test for hundreds of foods sensitivities with ZYTO, muscle testing will also help. 
·      Use skin prick, blood work or any methods to gather a complete list of foods to avoid.
·      Listen to your body and avoid foods that cause any type of reactions.  Food sensitivities cause inflammation through out the body resulting in pain, fatigue, brain fog, congestion, bloating, gas, and poor digestion.
·      Eliminating all foods that you are sensitive to will reduce the burden on your digestive system and give it a chance to recover and repair itself.  Each person needs a diet that is tailored to their specific needs.
·      Remember, aprox. 75% of our immune system is in our digestive systems.  Most Lyme or Flox patients have leaky gut and candida, avoiding the foods your body can not tolerate will help your gut heal getting you ready to effectively treat your infections and imbalances.

4.    Genetic Testing

·      Many people who have chronic health conditions, who are very sensitive, or who are stuck in their treatment have genetic issues.
·      These issues can cause major roadblocks in specific detox pathways.
·      Most genetic issues require very specific vitamins, minerals, and foods to be consumed or avoided.
·      The information can also help you avoid things that will cause symptoms, make you worse, or slow your rate of progress.

Genetic Testing resources:
 ZYTO can uncover some of the mutations and sensitivities can point you in the direction of others
·      Test recommended by Amy Yasko – Nutrigenomic Testing  $495 (not covered by insurance) Focuses on Methylation cycle in relation to autism, is one of the most thorough for detox issues,     comes with a compete report and tons of information
   23andMe $99 (not covered by insurance)
 Similar to Yasko’s, but only provides raw data that needs to be converted into useable information,     does not cover all the SNPs in Yasko’s test
 Genova Diagnostics Detoxigenomic Profile $495 (might be covered by some insurance)
  Focuses on detox issues for people with environmental, chemical, and medication sensitivities
   MTHFR only testing – can be done through your DR. or ordered via $149 (covered if ordered by your Dr.)
·      Testing for other SNP’s as needed based on your specific symptoms or health conditions

5.    Detox
·      Many of the symptoms we associate with Lyme and Flox are actually caused by toxins.  Those of us with genetic mutations have an increased need for detox support. 

Methods of detox:
·      Foods for detox: cruciferous veggies (broccoli, kale, boc choy, cabbage, brussel sprouts, etc.), lemon, beets, artichoke, garlic, avocado, berries, etc.
  Supplements: (remember to get these tested by your practitoners)
                        Heel Detox Kit:
                        Pekana’s Detox Kit -Apo-Hepat, Itires, Renelix
                        Tox- Ease – I used GL because it is gentler for sensitive people
                        List with more ideas for detox:

·      Detox baths – I like Epsom and peroxide.  Other people use borax, baking soda, cornstarch, etc.
·      Enemas – I use filtered water, other people rave about the benefits of coffee
·      Alka Seltzer Gold – helps alkalize the body

6.    Treating for other issues

·      Through using ZYTO and muscle testing I was able to identify many other issues that were stressing my body as much or more then the Lyme itself.  Treating these first will allow your immune system to start to recover and you’ll have a better chance of getting rid of the TBIs. 
·      I treated for parasites, lung worm, MarCons, candida, dental, structural isues, mold, etc.

I love getting questions and comments so please feel free to leave one and I'll do my best to get back to you quickly.


  1. I love that you added the emotional part. This process sounds overwhelming but I know it will be necessary.

    1. Thanks for your comment Erika. I'm still working on the emotional part, but my gosh it sure helps so much to learn how to let go of past hurts, emotional baggage and blockages, and limiting beliefs. I'm still peeling away the layers, but getting progress at each step along the way. I hope you are well.



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