Thursday, October 28, 2010

How it's been going with the Rife Machine

So I've been keeping notes on how things have been progressing with the Rife machine I am borrowing. I've been asked to share about it and so thought I'd just post my rife journal here so those of you who are interested can see what it's like to use it. So far I think it's going fine and I'm getting the hang of it. I'm starting to see patterns and like that I can back off if I have something to do and need to feel good for a day or that I can hit it hard if I want to be more aggressive. Meanwhile, I wait for blood work results from the new Dr. ********Warning: possible TMI********

9/17 ​Started Back on OXY-GEN to kill candida. Also started Rife machine for
Lyme. 1 min each: 432,800, 4200
only noticed a slight energy while using it

9/18 decent amount of energy

9/19 hooray another good energy day, functioning alright on little sleep
1 min each: 432, 800, 4200

9/20 Tired and sore all over, stiff neck​

9/21 pain, brain fog, fatigue, stiff body, and sore feeling in muscles
1 min. each: 432,800, 4200 (Lyme Disease set)

9/22​ overwhelmed easily, tired, cranky, easily flustered, oving slow, MAJOR
PAIN, started Beta Glucan in evening

9/23 Pain, pain, pain, shaky hands, tired, headache nearly all day, big time brain
fog, clumsy
1 min. each: 432,800,4200

9/24 dizzy, lightheaded, pain, overwhelmed, stinging pains

9/25 feeling a smidgen better

9/26 felt better today, had sustained energy

9/27 pain, slow, brain fog, burning knees, tingly hands and feet
1 min each: 432,800,4200

9/28 a little less pain

9/29 positive attitude, moderate amount of energy
1 min each: 432,800,4200

9/30 tired, mental confusion, slow processing mentally

10/1 tired, difficulty focusing, especially while driving, driving is getting scary

10/2 upped dosage to 2 Beta Glucan

10/3 sick feeling, nausea, headache, light headed
1 min each: 432,800,4200 (Lyme)
1 min each: 625,690,864, 1064 (Lyme variants set)
I did these in sequential order and I accidentally forgot to use the grounding
foot plate. I felt affected while using it for the first time. 625 made me
feel good and happy, 864 made me feel sick, 1064 gave me a headache and the I
finished feeling light headed

10/4 felt like I was having a mini herx, felt toxic and sick, nausea, headache,
really tired and have been taking naps

10/5 1 min each of all 7 frequencies

10/8 oops, forgot to take notes the last few days. felt goodish today
1 min each, but in the order the are show for each set not sequentially

10/9 pain, tired, overwhelmed feeling, feeling like a small herx

10/10 felt really icky, light headed, nausea

10/11 nausea, sore knees, lightheaded, tired, headache for 2 1/2 days straight

10/12 felt a little better

10/13 1 min for all freq. in both Lyme sets, 625 feels good, 690,884, 1064 feel
funky, but generally felt fine afterwards, didn't notice any herx like
reactions this time. thinking it doesn't work as well on the shoulder, but
better behind the knee with more skin contact

10/18 forgot to write again, dang it!, pain is back as of today

10/19 tired, but feeling happy
1 min both sets

10/20 tired, ran out of Naltrexoneand not sleeping well, very itchy while sleeping

10/21 same as yesterday

10/22 1 min each of just the Lyme variants plus 5K for 1 min.

10/23 felt pretty good

10/24 felt fine, but really cold and super hungry all day long

10/25 super tired all day

10/26 consuming fatigue, so tireed and weak feeling, difficulty focusing,
difficulty driving, overwhelmed by small tasks, clumsy, pain in left arm,
headache, want to cry, slept for 12 hours
1 min. each Lyme, variants, candida, and added 5K, 10K
5K, 10K

10/27 loose stool w/ mucus, started on 3 Beta Glucan, arms and feet falling asleep
easily, couldn't fall asleep until 2am, having a hard time spelling and

10/28 so far not feeling that well.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Dr.

Hello folks,

I had my first visit with a new Dr. I saw Dr. W in Carmel. The visit was really mostly a lets say hi visit. He briefly flipped through my ever growing binder of medical information. He said he's going to copy it and read the whole thing before my next visit. Based on what he knows so far he seems to think that I most likely have some form of borellia bacteria infection, but not Borellia bergdorferii(sp), the species that causes true Lyme Disease. If this is the case and I have a related bacteria we might never know for sure because there currently are not tests for all of the realated bacteria. Which I guess means I sorta have Lyme, but sorta not also. Big picture the only difference that would make is that insurance and disability could turn out to be more flexible becasue it won't have the stigma attached that Lyme has.

I have another apt. with him next week on Thursday @ 1:30 at which time he'll let me know what he thinks after reading all of my paper work. I suspect he'll order more tests and then we'll go from there.

I've heard and he also mentioned that he usually treats with 42 consecutive days of IV antibiotics. I'm not looking forward to that and would like to check into one other Dr. before I decide what I want to do for the next step in my treatment. However, the other Dr. that I've heard so many great things about is $440 for the first visit and I haven't quite figured out how to come up with that money just yet. If any one has any good ideas for a fund raiser please let me know. I could use one.

FOr now, I'm continuing with the RIFE machine. I'm up to 7 frequencies for a minute each and I'm getting a reaction around the 4-5 one and then a mini herx for 1-2 days after, feeling good on day 3 and the going for it again at the end of day 3. I'm working towards more frequencies, more often and for longer. I'll keep you all posted on how that goes.

Driving lately has been a bit scary if I try to go somwhere when I don't feel good. I would love some help in getting to my apt. and to have another pair of ears listen in on the the info he gives me. It's a lot to take in. If you can go with me on Thursday I'd really love it! Let me know.

Thanks everyone for all your support.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Catch up

It's been a while since I've posted. About a month I think, no wait it's been 2 months! Aah, how did that happen? There's been a lot going on for me. I'll just summarize it and then hopefully return to more regular postings.

In general I've been feeling worse these days. My symptoms are getting worse and I feel like I'm back to where I was a year ago. My knees are burning, I'm stiff, and my arms are weak/numb/tingly/painful, esp. when I'm sleeping. I'm not sleeping as well because my arms hurt so bad and that's affecting me during the day.

I had my last few apts with my LLMD before she moved to the east coast. I tested really high for mercury and lead and she put me on a med called DMSA to detox them out of my system. She thinks they were clogging my liver and kidneys causing me to get really sick when I took antibiotics because there was too much to cleanse out. DMSA is nasty and I was supposed to take a whole buck of other nasty things along with it, but didn't do a very good job of that. I don't feel any better since taking four rounds of that med. In fact I think I feel worse.

I also had an ulcer in my esophagus near the center of my rib cage. I had to have a scope put down and a biopsy done. It came back negative for the usual suspects. I think it was like a canker sore, just in my throat. I think this because I got a couple really bad ones in my mouth after drinking a bunch of almond chocolate milk with the whey powder I was supposed to take along with the DMSA. Pretty certain I'm allergic to almonds. They make my mouth hurt every time I eat them. It eventually healed and I learned to eat a wide assortment of really smooshy foods that I normally don't care for.

My CD-57 test results that measure the health of my immune system came back at 22!!! That's a bit scary given that it's my lowest score ever. A score in the teens is a red alert and a single digit score causes the DR. to tell you to start making plans cause you might not come out of it. 22 was a shock. I thought I'd still be hovering around in the 50's. I was wrong. At least it verified how I'm feeling. So we decided to put me back on the antibiotics again at least until I saw a new dr who would make a new plan for me. I took them for about 10 days and I had severe diarrhea the whole time. I got so dehydrated, skinny, sick, and weak. I was barely getting dressed and showered every day. In fact I don't think I was. I drank a ton of water, protein shakes, ate well, doubled my probiotics, etc. and nothing helped so she pulled me off of them thinking that we've caused a major imbalance in my digestive system with all the meds I've been on. That and the DMSA as well as the Vit. C in large doses adds to the symptoms as well. Oh well, I thought it was time, but I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer until I'm done with all these other meds before I can get back on antibiotics.

Also my LLMD said that she found it weird that I'm doing so many of the right things besides antibiotics that I shouldn't be getting worse this fast. She said with all the cat's claw, salt/C, artimisin, oil of oregano, etc. that I should at least be stable. She suspected that I have a something a little different from Lyme Disease. Something called Borellia Hermsii which is still a tick born illness, but a different species of tick and bacteria which gets a different diagnosis and treatment plan. She sent me to get tested for it saying that everyone she sends comes back positive. I came back negative. Hum.

She's gone now and she recommended that I go and see a new Dr. in Carmel. He's from the east coast and has recently moved here. He's an Infectious Disease Dr. and I've heard that he's really good at figuring out exactly what is going on. I hear that he takes insurance and is willing to treat chronic Lyme. That's incredible given the political climate right now surrounding Lyme. I've also heard that he is pretty old school, and most often prescribes 42 days straight of IV antibiotics in his office. Some of the other local lymies are going to see him for diagnosis and investigation of their illnesses, but are skeptical of his methods for treatment given that most of the success stories are from people who mix a wide variety of methods both modern and traditional as well as new age. Cover all your bases and hit it from every angle possible. I think that's the way to go as well.

Well, I have an apt with him on the 11th of Oct. and I'm really curious what he's going to test me for and what diagnosis and treatment he'll suggest. I'll let you all know what happens.

For now, I'm trying something called a RIFE machine to kill off some of the buggers. A Rife machine is a simple low voltage electrical device that can be tuned to specific frequencies. The idea is that you tune it to frequencies that will disrupt and kill the bacteria. The only side effect is the herx reaction that occurs after a big die off and lasts until your body can detox all of the dead bacteria and their toxins. It was invented to cure people of cancer and it worked. Lost of people all over the world have cured a waide variety of things with it. I'm borrowing it from a friend who says that she, her brother, and her mom all cured themselves of Lyme with it. And from what I can tell she had it worse then me. She said that she used the Rife, a supplement called beta glucan ( helps immune sytems to produce more fighter cells, T- cells), a good clean diet, and a good detox program. She said she got really sick and then gradually got better and has been great since. Rife is listed as one of the top 10 treatments for Lyme, I've always wanted to try it, and there are several people in the Lyme support group who use it. So for now, that's what I'm doing along with the beta glucan and being stricter with my diet again. I hope it works!

I guess that was a bit more then a summary :-)

For more information of the use of Rife Machines for Lyme check otu these links:


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