Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Lyme Update

People are always asking me how the Lyme thing is going (which is really nice) so I though I'd share with everyone. All in all, things are pretty much the same. I do think I'm getting a bit more energy, but just a bit. However, I am way more sore! Both of my arms are so sore that it hurts really bad to lift the blankets off when I turn over or get out of bed. It hurts to lift my arms over my head to take off a shirt and I can barely put any weight on them. My hips are also really stiff and sore and I'm getting so skinny I hardly recognize myself. I'm not exactly sure what is making me get so small. Maybe it's the wheat and dairy free diet or my muscles getting smaller or maybe it's just a weird side effect of the Lyme. I don't think I've been this small since college or maybe even high school. It's weird. But mostly I'm just in pretty bad pain all day long. I'm taking several things to help, but they only do so much. The best thing is really hot baths. So, I think I'll go and soak right now.
Thanks for asking!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Sorry for the delay. I did get my test results and had another appointment with my Lyme Dr. on Oct. 5th. She reviewed everything with me and said that I'm doing pretty well compared to other patients she has. She said my increase in pain is due to the meds working and killing off the lil buggers and that I have lots of dead things floating around in my body so I have to up my detox program. She suggested I drink tons of water, take a homeopathic liquid detox med, soak in HOT baths with Epsom salt, hot tub/sauna for at least 20 minutes, take anti-inflammatories, and use those detox foot pads. I increased my baths, am taking some of my supplements again to help with inflammation (zyflamend is awesome stuff), Advil twice a day, arnica rub downs nightly and arnica caps daily, detox kit daily, and I have started using those detox foot patch things, so gross what comes out of your feet. I think I'm going to need these by the case!

As far as test results go, she said that my white blood cell count is low suggesting a co-infection of Erlichia. She said it'd difficult to distinguish from Lyme because it's symptoms are nearly identical and it rarely occurs without Lyme. That doesn't change anything in my treatment, just gives more info. The CD-57 test also came back. The score for "normal" ranges form 60-360, a score in the 50s or below is concerning, scores in the teens mean you've got a very long uphill fight, single digits mean you might not recover or survive (I have a friend who recovered from single digit scores!!!! Our Dr. told her several times she might not make it and should begin making plans. So scary.) My score was 60! This is a good place to start. However, it doesn't mean very much until we have a few more scores to compare it to. Scores can vary on a person from day to day and even hour to hour, so we need to get several scores with an upward trend for months to know that we are on the right track. If nothing changes in the score, then we switch meds to attack it a different way. She said that her goal is to get me into the 250s and stay there for 3 months then she can have me back off on treatment and see how I do. We're hopping for at least a 10 point improvement with my next test that I'll get at the end of November(I think). Darn Memory. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Help Needed

This weekend I'm doing an arts and crafts show at Kennolyn in Aptos and my partner Janine can't be there with me. I really need someone who can stop by to relieve me just long enough to scarf down some lunch and visit the little girls room. It's going to be a great event that most of my friends would likely enjoy visiting and there will be plenty of fun things for the lil ones to do. Please if you can help on either Sat. 16th or Sun. 17th let me know. I'll owe you big time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Under Our Skin

Under Our Skin is an amazing fil about the intimate details of Lyme disease. It goes in depth to explain who has it how they got it, what happens when you have it, how doctors respond, and the ugly side of insurance companies and bogus policies that get in the way of sick people being treated. I was shocked and amazed at the images and the information I found out. I had no idea about so many aspects of the disease. Seeing it was an important step in understanding what is going on inside my body and why the doctors couldn't figure it out. Turns out they didn't want to. I don't want to give too much of the film away, but it would mean a lot if you would please go and watch it.

Anyway, this film is important to see because it'll help you understand what I'm going through, explain why we have to pay for all my doctors visits, tests, and treatment out of pocket, and going to see it will show that people care about this important health issue and that something needs to be done now to change the system.

Check out the link below for a list of screenings and please go see it!! There are screenings in Oregon and Texas today!!! You can also see the trailer and clips from the film on You Tube.


PS. Donations in the form of money, driving, housework, yard work, walking buddy, prepared meals, massage, conversation, help with jewelry sales, etc. are greatly appreciated. No offer is too small, it all helps me a lot.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Send me your coupons

Once a month I receive craft store coupons in the junk mail. If you come across coupons for Beverly's, Michael's, or other such places please save 'em for me. Thanks so much!


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