Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Dr. Rant

Yesterday I had another appointment with the new Dr. in Carmel. It's official, I don't like him and I need a new Dr.

He ordered a bunch of tests that I already had done and he ordered them from labs that don't have good reputations in the Lyme community. They came back negative, of course, because they're not very accurate. Not to mention that the tests are checking for antibodies to the bacteria and when your immune system is as beat up and broken down as mine is you no longer produce enough of the antibodies to test positive, or at least that's how I understand it. He said that he can't treat me with IV drugs because he can't prove that I have Lyme and so my insurance won't pay for treatment. I don't even want IV drugs. I don't think they're a good idea for someone who has problems with candida. And what does he mean he can't "prove" i have Lyme? I tested positive with my naturopath, twice, I was bitten twice, had red rings both times, get big herx reactions every time I take antibiotics or up any of my killing meds or supplements, and my CD-57 score is super dooper low. What else does he need???? I mentioned that to him and he said I have a point, but he brushed me off and said I probably just have an auto-immune disorder. I've already seen 20+ Drs. and been tested for autoimmune issues. I don't have one! he even said that I don't have any symptoms to point in that direction, but still he wants to look into testing in that direction. HA, I'm not going back to see him!

Also, he has zero patient-Dr. skills and left the room several times mid sentence and didn't explain where he was going. I was checked in, actually someone on the phone just pointed to a door, to the infusion room which contained several infusion stations, a guy working on a computer and a secretary who was on the phone and talking about other patients and they medications and such. WHAT!!!!!!!! I learned all about another lady and what drugs she's taking. I even know what lab she uses for her tests, what test she got and how to spell her last name. So not cool.

Then he topped it off my telling me a bunch of BS about why I shouldn't be doing the salt/C protocol only seconds after asking me what it was because he had never heard of it. Don't talk to me about something you've never heard about! That's crazy. And he told me that it was bad for me to take in that much salt right after he told me that my body can't become saline because the body regulates the amount of salt it allows into the bloodstream and never lets it get past a certain amount, then he suggested I have my sodium levels checked. What a wacko. Please do not go and see him unless you have a screaming positive test result and you want the one size fits all IV treatment.

So I'm on the hunt for a new Lyme Literate Dr again. Good thing I've got my new friend Ashley who is just about done with her treatment and mostly "cured" to point the way. I'm now convinced that I'm going to have to drive over the hill to get the real treatment I deserve and need. I've got 3 drs. in the Los Altos/Redwood City area that I'm trying to get appointments with, but they've all got long waiting lists and the first appointments are always expensive. I'm squirreling away as much money as I cam, but it's hard to come up with several hundred dollars when your only income is from selling $15 earrings. I know though that the universe will take care of me and provide me with just what I truly need. It always has before.

Thanks for being there on this journey with me. It really helps to have good friends and family along the way. We will all get through this together. I know it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Birthday Wish

This time of year people start asking me what I want for my birthday and then later for Christmas. I have a list of material things I would like to have and I've already been given a few of them. (thank you)

But, what I really truly want if I could have anything is to be healthy again. The pots and pans, fleece hoodie, cookbook, etc. that I want would all be so wonderful, but they won't help me get better.

I don't think this new Dr. is going to end up being "the Dr." What I really want is to find a really good Dr. that I can stick with for the long haul and come out the other side as healthy as possible. I've been checking in with others who have Lyme and I think I've got it narrowed down to 2 doctors in the Los Altos area, just over the hill.

So what I REALLY want for my birthday this year is to be able to afford to see these Drs. with great reputations who have helped people I know get better. Please if you were considering a gift I'd like to ask that you donate to my treatment fund instead. I know it may seem socially unacceptable to flat out ask for money, but I've tried everything I can think of to fund raise for myself and I'm out of ideas. I just don't know what else to do.

I already have $200 set aside and I need $240 more. That's my goal $240 dollars. If everyone who read this donated just $5 I could schedule my first apt. with one of them. I'll keep you updated with how it goes.

I'm hoping that next year I'll be able to throw a party to celebrate being healthy again.

Thanks for all the little thing you all do to offer support. It means a lot. It really, really does.


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