Monday, October 29, 2012

On paper I'm pretty healthy.

I've seen my Lyme Literate Doctor twice since I last posted.  I've been having to see him more regularly because my Lyme Disease symptoms have been so up and down lately, especially the neurological symptoms like involuntary movements and the total brain melt that comes with it.

I have been saying for a while now that when I don't have to deal with the chronic fatigue, mental slowing, and physical limitations of my neurological symptoms I am feeling pretty good.  It seems like maybe my good days are getting better, but there is no real improvement in the bad ones.  In fact they seems to be happening more often.  Getting the results of my muscle testing really helps me to be able to wrap my head around my ever changing symptoms and make sense of what is going on inside of my body.  Here are my most recent results.

This is on a scale from 1-5 then 0.
Remember that 1= really bad problem  3= active and needs work 5= barely detectable 0= not present
In other words, the higher the number the healthier I am, but the ultimate goal is all zeros.

Test                    Dec '11      1/12       4/12          5/12      7/5     7/31    9/12    9/27   10/24

Lyme                   4                 4            2               1            0       0          0       0        4 

Babesia               3                 2            2                3           5       3           0       0       0

Bartonella           3                 2            2                3            0      3           0       0       0

Parasites             0                 1            5                0            0       3           3       4       0      

Viruses               4                 3            3                4            4                    4       5       4

Mycoplasma      4                 4            4                4            5       5           4       4       0

Yeast/mold/fungi  3              3            4                4            3       3           3       4       0

Bacteria             3                 2            3                4            2       2            4                0

Neurotoxins       4                4                              4            3       2            3       3       3

Metals                4                4                               4           3                     3

Emotions                                                                                                                     4

I'm looking REALLY good on paper!  I got so many zeros (zero = not present) this time that my Dr. wasn't sure he wanted to believe the results.  Some how since my last apt a month ago I was able to clear myself of parasites, mycoplasma, mold/yeast, and unfriendly bacteria as well as keep the Babesia and Bartonella away!  I've never had so many zeros before.  It's almost too good to be true.  I think that's how the Dr. was feeling too, sort of a let's not get too excited just yet.  We'll see how it all looks at the next apt and if it's similar then we can get really excited.  This could have been a fluke.  Muscle testing is not 100% accurate, but not many tests for the things I have are.

We also received results for some blood work I had done and that returned great as well.  We did a CD-57 (this measures basic immune functioning) and I got a score of 61 which is an improvement over my last score of 33. The goal is 100 for a few months.  My complete metabolic panel was all normal.  My thyroid is functioning properly.  My cholesterol levels were low and he said I have the best healthy to non healthy ratio he's ever seen on paper for a real patient.  We also tested my homosysteine levels.  These would be high if I was having a hard time detoxing.  They weren't high.  So either I'm not having detox issues or the heaps of supplements I'm taking for detox are doing their job.  Sort of seems like I should have stopped my supplements before doing this test to find out what's really going on.

This was all great news.  The only bummer parts were that I'm still muscle testing for a moderate level of neuro toxins, my level of viruses is up (I think I picked up a tummy bug a few weeks ago), and the fracking Lyme has returned at a level 4.  Level four means that it is present and active but not a huge infection.  BUMMER!  I was really hoping to get another zero for Lyme at this appointment so that I could finally say that I was Lyme free.  This new information does however explain why some of my symptoms like night sweats and headaches have returned.  It also lines up with what the naturopath said which was that at the time she tested me with biofeedback I didn't have any adult lyme bacteria in me, but that I did have eggs waiting to hatch.  I have had some stress in my life recently and I think that the stress gave the lyme a better environment in which to hatch and so they came out to play.  It also could have just been that they were ready.  Who really ever knows with these things?  It could also be that the antibiotic injections I got in the spring/summer sent them into hiding.  They made have just made biofilms to hide in and now that the pressure has been off for a while they've come out of hiding.  That doesn't feel as right to me, but it's possible I suppose.

I'm glad to discover that my more minor symptoms have a cause I can understand and I'm hoping that I can kill these new Lyme bacteria before they get too comfortable and reproduce again.  I got rid of it once before I can do it again.  Now if we could only figure out why it is that I'm getting better on paper, but not so much in real life that would be great.  I keep saying this and I'm starting to get pretty frustrated with not being able to find a cause or reliable treatment for the neurological stuff.  It's by far my worst symptom, the most frequent, and the most debilitating and we just can't seem to figure it out.  Hopefully soon we'll get a clue to help unravel this mystery.


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