Saturday, May 30, 2009

Help save CA State Parks

Hopefully you have already heard about the proposed closing of California State Parks. There will be a vote this Tuesday and we need to make our voices loud and clear to take a stand against this. Here are a few things you can do to help keep our parks open: Make a tax deductable donation, spend your summer vacation in a state park and pay the fees, shop at the park stores, ask your friends to help join in and show their support for parks, call or your legisalators and the governor, go to the raley on Monday night at Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz or check you local area for one, go to the meeting in Sacramento on Tuesday and speak out, or click on this link for a pre-written email and just fill in the blanks with your info.

We only have a few days, please take action now. Thanks for you help with this it's really important to me.


List of proposed park closures


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Today is National Firbromyalgia Awareness Day!

Fibromyalgia affects nearly 10 million people in the United States and about 3-6% of the world population, most of them are women. Today I'm asking you to take a few minutes to educate yourself about this condition, and support everyone you know who experiences the symptoms of FMS.

I have been doing a lot of research and I have come to a really good place with all of this. I am learning to listen to my body and not ignore the messages it is sending me. I am taking really good care of myself by eating well, drinking a lot of water, taking my supplements, and getting up and moving as much as possible. Lately I have been stretching/doing yoga, going on walks, gardening, playing pool, making tons of jewelry, cooking, and I even survived a zumba class. I still have good days and less good days, but I'm beginning to feel that I can manage this and get back in the game. I only wish I could drive longer distances so that I could go visit all my friends.

Thanks so much to everyone who has called, emailed, asked how I am, visited, helped out around the house, made food, and invited me to hang out. It really helps to have good friends around to enjoy life with. Please check out the links below to learn more about fibromyalgia.

General info about FMS and National Fibro Day

Interesting info with details and science facts

Info on how to best support people with Fibromyalgia


Friday, May 1, 2009

A not so good day

On the 28th I finally had my visit with the rheumatologist. He asked me lots of questions, reviewed my medical history and my long list of test results, and poked me all over while asking me to stretch and turn this way and that. After a while he said, that I didn't have the right symptoms to have Lyme disease and that I was presenting like a classic case of fibromyalgia. He ordered a few more tests to check for random things like vitamin D level, and Hepatitis C, etc. He said he didn't expect anything from these tests either, but he wanted to rule out long shots. He advised me to take a sleeping pill and work with my doctor to find a suitable course of treatment. Being a person who does not completely believe in western medicine I have not picked up the sleeping pill prescription. I will find something at the health food store that will do the trick I'm sure. I only wish I had that certain something Wednesday night.

I haven't been sleeping very well this past week. I have been having crazy tension dreams and tossing and turning in pain. I think Emiliano is getting tired of me constantly wanting to switch sides of the bed with him in the middle of the night. Wednesday night was especially difficult because my entire back hurt and I just could not find a comfortable position. After Emiliano went to work and I had the whole bed to myself I was finally able to arrange a series of pillows to support all the hurty places and I slept until 11:45.

After I got up I still didn't feel rested and I hurt all over. I spent much of the day sitting around wondering what I did to cause this particular episode of pain. Was I sore from the long walk Ambrosia and I took on Wednesday? Was it the sugar and wheat in the cookies Emiliano brought home from the Pacific Cookie Company? or maybe a reaction to the giant plate of french fries I ate on Monday at the pool hall? I haven't been remembering to take my supplements regularly, maybe it's that. Or perhaps I simply did too much this week. I suppose I will never know. But when you feel so tired that a trip to the grocery store takes it out of you for the rest of the day you have to wonder if there was something you did that you can avoid later because you don't want every step to hurt.

I slept a lot better last night and I feel okay today. I have a friend coming over to bead with me and I think today will be a better day.


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