Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm badass!

Sometimes I just want to scream out "Leave me alone! You don't know how it is! Every day is a battle for me! I'm happy to be doing as well as I am. You don't have any idea what this is like! Just leaving the house is like packing for a long trip! Please don't ask me to do more for myself, I'm already doing A LOT!!!, etc. etc. etc." Sometimes I feel like people see that I'm not that much better and if only I'd do XYZ then maybe I'd be better, happier, fill in the blank. But really I'm super happy considering and I feel like I'm doing a lot and surviving a bunch of yucky things and as an fellow Lymie put it that makes me badass!

Check out her blog post that explains 25 reasons why Lymies are badass. I'm hapy that I don't have it half as bad as she does.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bug Sur 2010

I think we're going to be making a trip to Big Sur an annual summer event. We went last year and again this year and I don't think I'll ever get tired or bored of that place. It's so beautiful.

This year we had family and friends join us and it made the trip even better. Roberta, Emiliano's mom, stayed every night and drove to work in the mornings. His dad stopped by for a while to banter with us and have lunch with his wife at Nepentehe. His uncle Mike and cousin Kate came along as well. Kate is 13 and had never been camping before and Mike hadn't been since he was 15. Our friend Jordan stopped by with her two lil cute ones. A good time was had by all.

This year was like the wild kingdom right outside our tents. Here's a list of what we saw
~ condor
~ hawks doing the classic hawk screech
~ turkey vultures
~ ground squirrels including a very obese or pregnant one
~ grey tree squirrels
~ stellar jays
~ raccoons
~ and an all too close encounter with a skunk who was trapped between us trying to get into our ten and two raccoons who were trying to eat our trash

The last item resulted in mandatory look out buddies for midnight potty breaks. Like I said, wild kingdom right outside our tent.

We found a new spot that was off the beaten path and had an awesome swimming hole in the river. I can't tell you were it is cause it's a secret. Ha ha.

All in all it was a great trip. I mostly slept, ate and traveled from one sleeping or eating place to the next, but at least it was beautiful and I got out of the house and got some exercise. So what if I hiked a mile then slept an hour then hiked a mile back.

Here are some photos to prove we were there. Check out my awesome outfit.


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