Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Protocol for Treating Fluoroquinolone Toxicity, MTHFR, and Gut Issues

I just got back from a visit with the Dr. in Santa Cruz.  It sure is a long drive from Chico, but well worth it.  He muscles tests my protocol for me to insure that I can tolerate everything I take and it's going to be effective.  Erik and I have also been muscle testing ourselves at home and it is making a big difference because we can mirco tune our protocols in the weeks between visits.  This was the first time that I went in for a visit and had almost nothing removed from my protocol.  I think this is because I am testing at home and triple checking during my ND appointments using a Zyto.

The following my current protocol.  Please keep in mind that this is designed specifically for me to address my specific needs at this exact moment.  I do not think that there is any one protocol out there that will work for a large section of the population.  Everyone needs one created just for them.  Given that, I share mine here because I get asked often and because it might give you some ideas of things to ask your practitioner about.

Happy Healing!

1- Dr. Ohhirra's Probiotic
1- Cytoyme-AD
1- Ortho Molecular Products Ortho Biotic

1- Nordic Naturals - Omega -3
2- Pure Encapsulations Evening Primrose Oil EPO
1- Nordic Naturals Children's DHA
1- Pure Encapsulations B-Complex Plus
1- Pure Encapsulations B-Complex w/PQQ
1- Designs For Life Vitamin D Supreme w/ K1 & K2
2- Daily Algazim
1- Organic India Ashwagandha
4- Health Force Nutritionals Vitamineral Green
1 Every other day- Source Naturals SAMe
1- Paradise Resveratrol
1/4 tsp. - Pure Synergy Pure Radiance C
1 drop- Beyond Balance Parazomin

1/4 tsp. - Pure Synergy Pure Radiance C
2 droppers- Professional Complementary Health Formulas Adrenal Drops
1 tsp.- Jernigaan Nutraceuticals Neuro-Antitox II Basic in Apple Cider Vinegar

2- Thorne Research Meriva-500
1- Beyond Balance Tox-Ease 
1- Beyond Balance  Cyflacalm
1- NutnCology NAC
1- Paradise Resveratrol
1- Allergy Research Group DIM (2 if needed during pms)
2- Health Force Liver Rescue 5+
1 drop- Beyond Balance Parazomin
2 pellets under tongue 6 days a week- Kali Phos (the big ones)
10-12 pellets under tongue once a week- Kali Phos  (the little ones)

1 Scoop Every Other Day - Xymogen OptoCleanse GHI Creamy Chocolate

1 tablespoon papaya seeds (read my previous post with how-to info.)

Recommended: Incan Goldenberries as a super food snack

REGULAR DETOX: lemon water, rebounding, light exercise (walk around block), dry skin brushing, FIR sauna, epsom salt and peroxide baths, nasal rinses, water enemas

I love receiving questions and comments and will do my best to respond to each of them.

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