Thursday, June 13, 2013

Video update of symptoms

For the last two years I have been experiencing bizarre neurological episodes that cause involuntary movements.  I refer to it as being twitchy because I don't know what else to call it.  I haven't met anyone else with this same set of symptoms and it's really hard to describe so I thought I'd make a little video.  I did this so that others can see what I mean when I say I'm twitchy, but also with the hopes that maybe someone watching will know someone else with similar symptoms or even better, that someone will know the cause of this.  I'm really looking forward to understanding this and working on treating it because when it's not happening I usually feel really good.

Please feel free to share this blog post.  As usual questions, comments, and words of encouragement are always welcome.    


  1. Hello Keri , you are such a great Lyme fighter.I have same symptoms like you, leg involuntary movements, muscles twitching, I cannot stand up from the chair without hands help bladder problems.I discovered that I have Lymeone year ago after 6 months of misdiagnosing.I followed many antibiotics treatment(combined abx) without any good results.I am interested if you can tell me how was the bicillin treatment, how many times a week, dosing and what do you think helped you besides bicillin shots to rid the Lyme.Thank a lot.Cristin

    1. Hi Cristin, I did the bicillin injections once a week for 5 weeks. We were planning on 6 but muscle testing was showing that I didn't have Lyme any more so we stopped a week early. They were painful, but I learned a few tricks for reducing the discomfort. Heat, arnica, massage, hot tubs, sauna, etc. were all important while I was getting the shots. Besides that I think the biggest things I can recommend to others are the following: Find a lyme literate practitioner who does some type of energetic testing so you can know exactly what you are dealing with and exactly what to take for your specific body, live in as clean an environment as possible - no chemicals or fragrances, no mold, etc., find out exactly which foods your body does not tolerate and avoid them like the plague, focus on detox - sauna, dry skin brushing, rebounding, lemon water, detox supplements, baths with epsom and peroxide, etc., get tested for your genetic mutations and address them with diet and supplements, and finally use whatever left over energy you have to live a life that brings you happiness and joy - stress and unhappiness will hinder your progress. Good luck on your journey.

  2. Hi Keri, thanks a lot for your useful informations, I already did the energetic testing and was found lyme positive and many other problems in my body, I will follow your advices as I consider your journey a win over Lyme disease and a goood exaple for others.
    God bless you.Cristin

  3. Hi Keri again.I have one more question, how did you do the energetic testing, by which device? I was tested with Vega machine that seems to be quite old model and maybe not the same principle like you did.Thanks a lot.Cristin

  4. I have used both Zyto testing and muscle (a.k.a. ART) testing to determine what is happening in my body. I have heard of the Vega, but I'm not familiar with it.



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